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Uganda Geothermal Development

Geothermal resources were estimated at about 450 MW in the Ugandan Rift System (McNitt, 1982). Most of the g eothermal areas of Uganda are all located in the Western Rift Valley that runs along the border of Uganda with the Democratic Republic of Congo, and is part of the western branch of the East African Rift System.

The main geothermal areas are Kat we - Kikorongo (Katwe), Buranga, Kibiro and Panyimur located in Kasese, Bundibugyo, Hoima and Nebbi Districts respectively. Other geothermal areas are located in the South - west, North and North - east Uganda.

Country Update
  • Exploration for geothermal energy in Uganda has been in progress since 1993. The studies have focused on three major geothermal areas namely Katwe, Buranga and Kibiro. The three areas are in advanced stages of surface exploration and will soon be subjected to exploratory drilling that will pave the way for a feasibility study

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Vincent Kato

Principal Geologist- Uganda