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Tanzania Geothermal Development

Tanzania is among the East African countries that are traversed by the East African Rift System (EARS). The different from other countries in the region is that, Tanzania is traversed by the two arms of the EARS.

The geological settings for the occurrences of geothermal resource in Tanzania is variable and include potentials that are likely to be associated with typical young volcanic provinces in the north, intersection of eastern and western arms (triple junction) in the south west, faulted granites areas in central Tanzania (craton), and intrusive in young coastal sedimentary formation. This makes the occurrence of geothermal resource in Tanzania quite different from other countries.

Country Update
  • By 2025, Tanzania envisions having transformed itself into a newly-industrializing, middle-income country, with a prosperous, globally competitive economy and a high quality of life in a clean and secure environment. In order to achieve this goal, the energy is one of the infrastructural sectors which have been accorded the high priority so as to support the envisaged social and economic development

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