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Rwanda Geothermal Development

The Government of Rwanda is looking at future strategies for solving the country’s needs for electricity by developing over 500 MWe in the next 4 years through diversified least cost and cost reflective sources of electricity. Rwanda has no indigenous fossil fuels and the small hydro resources are almost fully developed. The other potential sources are from peat, shared hydro sites and methane gas from Lake Kivu.

When looking at available options for energy, the concept of geothermal appears one option, given that the resource is proven and the development cost is acceptable. To determine the viability of the geothermal resources, exploration wells are currently being drilled on the southern slopes of Karisimbi volcano which is one of the four identified geothermal prospects in the country.

Country Update
  • The Republic of Rwanda is a small landlocked country in east central Africa along the western branch of the Great Rift Valley. The country is bordered by Tanzania (east), Uganda (north), Burundi (south) and the Democratic Republic of Congo (west). The total area of the country is 26,338 km2 with a population of 11 million inhabitants.

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Uwera Rutagarama

Geothermal development Unit, Rwanda