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Kenya Geothermal Development

Geothermal resources in Kenya have been under development since 1950’s and the current installed capacity stands at 573 MWe against total potential of about 10,000 MWe. All the high temperature prospects are located within the Kenya rift valley where they are closely associated with Quaternary volcanoes.

Olkaria geothermal field is so far the largest producing site with current installed capacity of 573 MWe from five power plants owned by Kenya Electricity Generating Company (KenGen) (463 MWe) and Orpower4 (110 MWe). 22.4 MWt is being utilized to heat greenhouses and fumigation of soils at the Oserian flower farm and heated swimming pool at Olkaria and Lake Bogoria. The Oserian flower farm also has 4 MWe installed for own use.

Country Update
  • Commercial energy in Kenya is dominated by petroleum and electricity while wood fuel provides energy needs for the traditional sector including rural communities and the urban poor. At the national level, wood fuel and other biomass account for about 68% of the total primary energy consumption, followed by petroleum at 22%, electricity at 9% (121 KWh per capita) while others including coal accounts for less than 1%. Solar energy is also extensively used for drying and, to some extent, for heating and lighting.

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