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UNEP ARGeo Successfully completed two surface exploration projects in :(i) Silali- Kenya; and (ii) Tendaho- Ethiopia. Results of studies of silali and Tendaho projects were enhanced and optimized through a successful UNEP-ARGeo Technical Review Meeting (TRM) held in June 2014.

As a follow through to this, UNEP Developed, revised and earmarked other two project proposals in Alid (Eritrea) and Kibiro (Uganda) geothermal prospect areas for implementation of surface exploration studies in 2015.

UNEP ARGeo also provided guidance and advice to halt further developments in Kinigi through critical and Technical Review of the EWSA proposal submitted to UNEP for funding of the Kinigi surface studies

Lastly, project proposal submitted to UNEP for Surface exploration studies in Ngozi volcanic complex, Tanzania is under review

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Regional Networking
ARGeo C5
Next Milestone
    1. Regional Networking :
      • -African Geothermal Inventory Database (AGID) Launched
      • -ARGeo Website Developed
    2. Policy advice, awareness creation and partnership:
      • -Provided continuous policy advice and technical support
      • -Project promoted through preparation and dissemination of various project fliers, brochures, banners, Video, Theme song and the likes
      • -Resource mobilized and partnerships created through participation in regional and international geothermal conferences
      • -Prepared a Project concept for expansion of ARGeo Phase 2
  • In collaboration with the Government of Tanzania, the project successfully completed the organization of ARGeo-C5 which was held at the Arusha International Convention Center, in Arusha, Tanzania on 27-31 October 2014.

    The conference had an attendance exceeding 500 delegates from all the ARGeo East African countries and around the world. Around 120 technical papers presented under sixteen parallel sessions. In addition 20 exhibitions were staged and a number of plenary session were held.

    ARGeo also contributed to capacity building in the East African Region and the training of over 150 participants in the Pre-ARGeo C5 conference Short courses. It participated as faculty and delivered lectures on geothermal science and technology in the UNU-KENGEN-GDC short course. More than 50 trainees from 17 African countreis were trained.

  • - Implementation of geothermal resource surface exploration studies in Alid, Eritrea and Uganda, Kibiro geothermal fields
    - Review Project proposals and start preparation for implemntation of surface studies in (i) Ngozi Volcanic Complex, Tanzania; (ii) selected geothermal field ,Rwanda
    - Continue to provide support and facilitate geothermal training as per the gaps, needs and expectations of countries
    - Continue to enhance and update geothermal related information in the database in coordination with focal points of each member countries
    - Continue to mobilize resources for the existing ARGeo Project and expansion of ARGeo Phase 2
    - Continue to provide policy advice and awareness creation to enhance private investment
    - Preparation for ARGeo -C6 to be held in Eritrea, 2016
  • The Iceland Deputy Minister for Foreign Affairs Einar Gunnarsson and Mr. Mounkaila Goumandakoye, UNEP Regional Director of ROA launched the ARGeo Geothermal Inventory Database (AGID). In their short remark before the launch, both the Icelandic Minister and the Regional Director underlined the importance of having such a database for effective development of geothermal resource in the region and urged all actors and stakeholders to make an effective use of it.