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Alid and Nabro-Dubbi are the two potential targets for high temperature identified from surface studies so far carried out. The estimated high reservoir temperature...

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Ethiopia started long-term geothermal exploration in 1969. About 120 localities within the rift system are believed to have independent heating and circulation systems..

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Geothermal resources in Kenya have been under development since 1950’s and the current installed capacity stands at 573MWe against total potential of about 10,000 MWe...

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Exploration wells are currently being drilled on the southern slopes of Karisimbi volcano which is one of the four identified geothermal prospects in the country...

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Recognizing the importance of geothermal energy in improving the country’s energy mix, the Government of Tanzania is taking necessary measures to stimulate geothermal development..

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Exploration for geothermal energy in Uganda has been in progress since 1993. The studies have focused on three major geothermal areas namely Katwe, Buranga and Kibiro.

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"...We will not achieve the transformation we want if we do not increase the quantity of power, reduce its cost and ensure its regular supply. You cannot fight poverty when you do not have power to run an economy with industries to create jobs and create wealth..." Kenyan President Uhuru Kenyatta (During the opening of the 140MW geothermal power plant in Kenya)