ARGeo ~ "Catalyzing Investment for Geothermal Development and Exploration in Africa!"


The ARGeo project is being executed by the Governments of the six ARGeo countries. Overall responsibility is vested with the following National Executing Agencies (NEAs):


These agencies are implementing the project in collaboration with other national government agencies, institutes and universities. UNEP is responsible for overseeing the successful achievement of the project objectives and is also the international executing agency for the regional network and technical assistance components of the project. World Bank is the executing agency for the risk mitigation fund and the transaction advice components. UNEP/DTIE establishes a Project Management Unit (PMU) in its headquarters in Nairobi, to handle the overall management, administration and financial management of the project.

A Project Steering Committee is maintained at the international level to provide guidance to the project and monitor progress and performance. A Regional Network Coordination Group comprises representatives from the National Executing Agencies, to ensure coordination at the regional level. The group will be supported by a network coordinator in the PMU.