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Validation Workshop- AGCE

Validation Workshop for the Feasibility Study on the Africa Geothermal Center of Excellence (AGCE)

In the framework of Energy, Climate Change and Sustainable Development Goal, the governments of African countries are keen and committed to investigate and further develop geothermal energy as one of the alternative renewable energy resources in their respective countries. As a result, the countries have developed energy development strategies towards the objective of fast tracking renewable energy projects including geothermal resource for power generation and direct use applications. Among the various challenges to achieve this strategic objective in a sustainable manner is inadequate skilled manpower in the areas of geothermal science and technology.

In response to this, UN Environment, through its ARGeo Project, in partnership with GDC and other countries and stakeholders, stepped up to conduct a skills gap analysis with a long term objective of establishing the Africa Geothermal Center of Excellence

The Workshop
Expected Participants
Expected Output
    • (1) To gain valuable input and comments on the findings of the feasibility study,
    • (2) To validate the feasibility study and skill audit/gap analysis conducted by UN Environment; and
    • (3) To define the role of the partners in the establishment and operation of AGCE.

  • UNEP, in collaboration with the Government of Kenya and partners such as AUC and ICEIDA, will host a two-day Validation workshop at the UN Complex, Nairobi Kenya, on 12-13 August 2015.
    DAY 1: Countries will review and validate the feasibility report and the Skill Gap Analysis.
    DAY 2: Development partners will provide their inputs on the feasibility report including the financing aspects of the Center.
  • A total of about 80 participants are expected to attend this workshop. Among these about 30 representatives from thirteen African countries are expected to attend. Other participants will include representatives from partners, stakeholders and donor community that could provide support to the establishment and operation of AGCE.
    • • Feasibility study and Concept note reviewed and validated
    • • Analysis of country’s Skill gap, needs and expectations endorsed and validated
    • • Country’s Ownership and leadership in the set-up and operations of AGCE developed
    • • Networking and partnerships strengthened.
    • • Resource and support for AGCE identified
    • • Consensus among countries and external partners on the concept for AGCE

To view the concept note on the Validation Workshop of the feasibility study for the Africa Geothermal Center for Excellence (AGCE) , please click on the link below


Further, ICEIDA and the Nordic Development Fund (NDF) funded a feasibility study for the Centre of Excellence, in consultation with countries and partners, to ascertain the feasibility of establishing AGCE and to prepare a draft report and concept note with recommendations on key aspects of such a Centre, including institutional set-up, operational model and long term sustainability. The feasibility study includes (among others):

Catalog the Needs: Regional geothermal development needs related to geothermal power generation and direct uses.

Draft AGCE Vision: Staff/Facility requirements, institutional set-up schedule, budget, and suggested next steps.

Assess Feasibility: Long-term sustainability in establishing a regional geothermal AGCE in Africa, through collaboration with stakeholders as partners: National, Regional and International Donor partners, Private Sector Developers and Service Partners, Academic, Training and Association Partners