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Ethiopia bids to become wind capital of Africa

The East African state has enjoyed a decade of strong growth, giving rise to profitable industries, new infrastructure, and showpiece summits...

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Lake Turkana Wind Power

Lake Turkana ready to inject 33 percent of the agreed power into the national grid...

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Solar-powered Africa

Solar-powered Africa “never more possible and less expensive:” energy chief...

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Uganda: EA Hydro Powerhouse

Uganda has unveiled plans to become East Africa’s top electricity producer through the development of some hydropower stations.

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Interview: first ever female geothermal drilling engineer at GDC

In an interview with ESI Africa, Phyllis Gathoni Mathenge..

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Filling the math-science gap in the Northern Cape

Many of the skilled and semi-skilled jobs needed to keep power generators like this Bokpoort solar plant ...

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"Using geothermal energy instead of natural gas heating and electrical air conditioning reduces the greenhouse gas emissions that would be produced by the building by over 168 tons of carbon dioxide per year. So, the ecological impact or 'footprint' of the building is also reduced." Leslie Thomas