Renewable Energy: Solution for Africa Energy Needs!

Africa Renewable Energy Market Intelligence

June, 2017 Edition

Why Solar Energy Means Everything To Africa

Solar panels — and solar energy — are officially cheaper than fossil fuels.

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Smart Solar Ensures Services at Remote Communities across the World

The Internet of Things (IoT) has emerged as one of the hottest topics, covering home security systems...

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4 New African Renewable Energy Projects Get Funding & Go-Ahead

Three African renewable energy projects have been awarded funding from Access Power’s Access Co-Development Facility

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Eskom and Huawei team up to deliver smart grid by 2030

To take better advantage of the increasing adoption of smart grid technology, State-owned power utility Eskom announced a partnership

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Lights out: poor governance and Africa’s energy crisis

Africa is rich in resources and opportunities. In so many fields, however, the continent is yet to hit its stride

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Energy for Africa must include renewable options

The role of renewable energy in generating Africa’s power was the topic of discussion in a panel at the TXF Africa Trade Finance Conference

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Report on the Field Visit to Training Facilities of Kengen and GDC

The main objectives of this mission was for the members of the African Geothermal Centre of Excellence (AGCE)...

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Unlocking Opportunities for Women Entrepreneurs in Sustainable Energy

A workshop bringing together more than 100 women energy entrepreneurs, including experts in energy policy, financing, and capacity building

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Signing Agreement Ceremony

The Signing Agreement Ceremony between UN Environment and the Italian Agency for Development Cooperation

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"At UN Environment, we have a unique position and opportunity to bring together governments, businesses, scientists, civil society and the public. We can inspire, influence behaviour and policy, and help shape the way forward with good science and knowledgeable experts. But while we have great science, we need to translate that science into a language that everybody can relate to. For example, pollution is one of the main causes of death in the modern world – and by helping improve air quality we can also have a big impact on climate change. In other words, we have to better connect with people so that they can act, and encourage their governments to act. " Erik Solheim, UN Environment Executive Director