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2016 U.S. & International Geothermal Energy Showcase

GEA is pleased to hold the 2016 Showcase with support from the US Trade and Development Agency, US Department of Energy Geothermal Technologies Office, US Agency for International Development, US Department of State, Overseas Private Investment Corporation, The World Bank, United States Energy Association, and the Geothermal Resources Council.

The Environmental and Energy Study Institute (EESI) and Geothermal Energy Association (GEA) had a briefing highlighting the state of the geothermal energy industry and its near-term prospects in the United States and in more than 80 other countries working to expand its use. With demand for clean energy accelerating around the globe, geothermal energy has major potential as a renewable resource that can provide power around-the-clock, complementing intermittent renewable power technologies. The International Renewable Energy Agency (IRENA) launched the Global Geothermal Alliance at COP-21 in Paris this past December to achieve a 500 percent increase in global installed capacity for geothermal power generation and a 200 percent increase in geothermal heating by 2030

Global market demand for geothermal development has been growing faster than U.S. demand due to support from Power Africa, the World Bank, IRENA and other multilateral organizations. Kenya now produces 51 percent of its electricity from geothermal sources, and with the formation of the Global Geothermal Alliance, many countries are investing in the expansion of their geothermal programs.

This briefing was being held in conjunction with the U.S. & International Geothermal Energy Showcase in Washington, DC. The showcase will be held on March 17, bringing together participants from across the globe to discuss the future of the geothermal industry, cutting-edge technologies, how to stimulate geothermal industry growth, and more. The showcase will also mark the release of GEA’s 2016 Annual U.S. and International Geothermal Power Production Report.

Expected Output
  • This study is expected to identify geothermal resource and locate target sites for deep drilling in kibiro with a view to minimize risk of exploration and maximizing the chance of drilling a productive well. This in turn catalyses investment in terms of Public Private Partnership (PPP) and Independent Power Producer (IPP) that will lead to improving access to modern energy by Uganda’s population for social and economic development in an environmentally and sustainable manner.
  • Over 36 countries were represented at the Showcase. Represented countries include the United States, United Kingdom, Jamaica, United Arab Emirates, Djibouti, India, Belgium, Guatemala, Hungary, Uganda, Turkey, the Philippines, Fiji, Costa Rica, Indonesia, Burundi, St. Kitts, Kenya, Mexico, Japan, Ethiopia, Qatar, Iceland, Taiwan, Albania, Nevis, Papua New Guinea, Samoa, Solomon Islands, Tonga, Burkina Faso, Vanuatu, Italy, Taiwan, Peru, Colombia, and more
  • - Mr. Sakari Oksanen, Deputy Director-General, International Renewable Energy Agency (IRENA)
    - Ms. Meseret Zemedkun, Program Manager- ARGeo, Regional Office for Africa (ROA),United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP)
    - Mr. Benjamin Matek, Industry Analyst and Research Projects Manager, Geothermal Energy Association (GEA)
    - Mr. Doug Glaspey, COO and President, U.S. Geothermal Inc.
    - Mr. Jack Thirolf, Director of Regulatory Affairs, ENEL Green Power